Monday, August 8, 2011

Duck Season

   It's not long now until duck hunting will be in full swing. it's time to check over your decoys and perhaps give them a new coat of paint. Most times it's just a touchup.
   Home made decoys are by far the best. Some hunters make them out of cork but in reality, almost anything works.
   So opening day comes and you haven't slept now for a couple days. Today it's raining and the sky is really black. The sun is trying to lighten the sky, but is having a hard time gaining on the clouds.
   You have almost two dozen decoys out in front of you and a good dog shivering with excitement on your left hip.Shhhhh. Did you hear that? I think some Wood Ducks just flew over.
   And then you wake up still in bed with six weeks to go.
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