Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poverty? What poverty?

   The earliest settlers on the Bigfork River had a tough time making it from year to year. There rarely was any extra money. One item that was always in need was clothes. Children wore patched hand me downs and Dad's clothes sometimes had more patches than whole cloth.
   But happiness wasn't judged by the clothes you wore, it came from the heart. Laughter came easy for nearly everyone.
   The first time anyone even thought of their financial condition was when they went to school. An old friend once told me that he didn't know he was poor until someone told him.
   Work was plentiful on the river even from a young age. Most kids started by feeding the chickens and gathering eggs. Then they graduated to larger animals or hoeing the garden.
   Poor? I don't think so. They were rich of spirit, and that's what really counts.
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